Last Week In Basketball Finals Edition

On today's final episode of Last Week In Basketball (Relax, the final episode of this season...), Malv and Mowgli recap a truly all-time great Finals performance by Giannis, what winning a championship means for his legacy and for small market organizations, and is the Greek Freak the best player in the league? (Spoiler Alert: Malv would highly disagree with this statement...) Plus, what's next for both the Champs and runner-up? Bucks Repeat? CP3 staying in Phoenix? Will Cameron Payne get the super-max? (Probably...) All this and more! Congrats to the Bucks for being the 2021 NBA Champions! And thank you to our wonderful listeners for the downloads and the support! This was our first full season doing this show and we've learned so much! We hope you've enjoyed the content and we will continue to improve on all fronts! Thank you! Enjoy!



Date: Jul-21-21

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